Monday, January 16, 2017

Today is God's Plan

I saw this today while scrolling through Pinterest. Oh, how fitting. I pray at least 80% of these on a daily basis. 

It has taken me 4 years and 4 months to realize something. Are you ready? Because it's earth shaking. 

THIS is God's plan. Today. Right now. The battle of "not enough time". The extra chapter of Junie B Jones before bed. The 7372927391 rounds of Guess Who that we played this weekend. The mad search for that lost ballet shoe (week after week). The 2 boxes of bandaids that we went through last week. The sick days. The eye Dr worries. The money worries. The zoo trips. The movie nights. The feeling of never be enough to make up for the emotional damage that my kids are subject to. 

This is it. So, so many times we (I!) get caught up in saying "I'm so excited to see what God has planned for us". Why? Why am I excited for the future and not the NOW? 

THIS is God's plan. Today. Tomorrow. The day after. Next week. We are living God's plan, and if we are so focused on "what He has planned for our future", then we aren't fulfilling His plan now. We are missing out, not only for ourselves, but for the others who need to see us where we are now.

Make it a goal. Write it down. TODAY is God's plan, so I'm going to strive to fulfill that plan as best that I can. 

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