Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Beginning


So many times, I have thought "This needs to be written down". But life happens, and it never gets done. 

Today is changing that. This is the beginning of something that will hopefully grow. 

I had a conversation today with a mentor/friend. We got on the subject of the past (fun, right?). I told him that when I was going through my separation/divorce, I HATED when people told me "God has a plan". Yes. I KNEW He had a plan, but at that point in time, it is NOT what I wanted to hear. Not even close. 

This friend went through a life event that led people to say the same. It's not a line that we necessarily want to hear when we are going through a tragedy. But, it doesn't make it any less true....right? God DID have a plan for me. He has a plan for them. He has one for you. He DOES. 

I was also told something today, that has never been said to me. "You did all that alone. You went through it alone". Now, I had some wonderful friends and family that all but dragged me through the last 3 months of 2012 and MOST of 2013, but I didn't have that community; the fellowship, that a church family offers. I let myself be pulled away from church. This morning, I blamed my ex-husband. But after looking back, there isn't anyone to blame but myself. It took me a long time to get back to where I need to be, but here we are. There is a song by Cory Morrow with lyrics that sum it up perfectly.

"I am my Father's son, the prodigal one, and He's reckless with His grace"

SO. Here we go. God has laid this on my heart, and I'm not sure where it will go. But if ONE person can be encouraged or inspired, or even if just one person feels a little less alone, then I've accomplished something. 

This is the beginning. My attempt at finding the line between Hustle and Grace. The saga of my crazy, chaotic, roller-coaster of a life as a single Mom with two sweet girls; filled with sarcasm, bad grammar, and some unfortunately corny humor.

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