Sunday, April 16, 2017

Rescue Me.

In the last 4.5 years of being a single Mom, I have found great pride in being independent. Life events have left me with some bitterness when it comes to relying on others, so I prefer to do things myself.

But that doesn't always work. Today's sermon was, in short, for me. It's Easter Sunday. Every Baptist church heard words of the the Resurrection. Pastor Bob finished up a series that I've missed a few lessons on, titled "Rescue Me". It served it's purpose on spreading God's word, but it pierced my heart for other reasons.  

He started the sermon talking about people who have begged and pleased with God for something that didn't end the way they felt it should have, ending in anger. 

Y'all. That describes the last 3 months of 2012, all of 2013 and most of 2014. Just, angry. Why? I begged and pleaded with God to save my marriage. I bargained. I cried, so many tears. I lashed out at friends who mentioned "Gods plan". 

Fast forward a little. I was able to be an ear for an acquaintance who was going through a similar situation. In that moment, it hit me so hard. God DOES have a reason for the stormy season. How many more people would I have been able to help if I had stepped back from my emotions 2 years sooner?  

A bullet point in today's sermon was "God still loves you even when life is painful". We are HIS. His children. 

His love never fails, no matter what the day brings. 
He desires us. 
He protects us. 

He knows what is best. Always.
 Let Him rescue you where you are. 

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